Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

The boiler went out again overnight, and this time I decide to risk not being able to get back to sleep by not waiting for Tubby to fix it. (The one nice thing about my birthday weekend* is that I got today off work, so I could sleep in. So much for that plan....) I ran into Tubby as he was coming out of the kitchen (and, I hoped, the basement). "Oh, er, hey, did you restart the boiler?" "No, was it out? I didn't notice." Dude, it's freezing in here! At which point Jess chimes in, "This is what it's usually like in my apartment." Okay, so I'm accustomed to something a little different here. So off to the basement I went to restart the boiler. Note to self: next time it's cold out, have someone to snuggle with in case the heat goes out!

* Yes, I'm fishing. Not one well-wish from my LJ friends. <sigh>
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