Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Next person who says to me, in reference to the weather we're getting, "Well, at least you have a truck...."

Clearly, anyone who says this has never driven a rear-wheel-drive pickup truck on a slippery surface, or is displaying a profound ignorance of simple physics. A truck's about the last thing I want to drive when the roads are covered in snow and ice. If I were buying a car simply for drivability on snow and ice, I might get a Subaru Outback, Volkswagen Jetta, or equivalent. Unless I put the equivalent of a car engine and transmission (or heavier) in the truck bed, I'm more prone to fishtailing than any sedan out there. The only advantage of driving a truck is higher clearance underneath.

At least my next-door neighbor's helpful comment of the day wasn't to tell me that at least I drive a truck. He drives a truck, too. No, his comment was to tell me I should "trade that thing in for a four-wheel-drive"! My neighbors are so helpful!


Note to self: Next time I want to get really weird and crazy in the shower, singing all over the place, from the most booming bass to the highest falsetto, inventing silly lyrics as I go along, and making a total fool of myself, make sure my roommate is really out of the house and not working from home.


It's official: January 2005 is the snowiest month in Boston history! Congratulations to all of you who made this possible!


We're supposed to get more "weather" on Saturday. Hence, Flaming Tits called me this afternoon to say she doesn't want to drive out in the snow. Instead, we will meet in Harvard Square and go eat somewhere. I offered to pick her up at the T station and bring her back here, but that was a no-go. Though she won't say it, the weather is simply a convenient excuse. She simply got smart and realized that she had agreed to go to the home of some man she doesn't know anything about (other than that he sings and cooks). For all she knows, I could be a serial killer or a sex offender, so Harvard Square really is much safer. Oh well, I guess I'm off the hook in terms of having to create a menu. And maybe when she realizes that I only murder people during the hot summer months, she might decide to come over some other time.


Somebody suggested I put together a fundraising concert with others to benefit the relief efforts in the Indian Ocean. I've been offered a role (as a cover) in a local opera production of Cendrillon (without auditioning for it). I have a competition in a week and a half (in which I'll sing my first-ever public high G) and another competition at the end of February. And I will probably be doing the Spring Opera Workshop at NEC. It's shaping up to be a busy couple of singing months before I head overseas.


I'm giving away a bunch of books. Should I post a list here, or should I have an openhouse on Sunday and have people come by and browse?
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