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Here we go again!

My third and final hoops game of the night. I have the best matchup I've had tonight. I was totally mismatched against the first guy, who was tall but way too fast for me to guard, and thus I was a total liability. The second guy is a fellow I often guard. He's quicker than me and he often plays the perimeter, but he is not a very good shooter, so I usually do okay. The third guy was more my speed: he's a better athlete, but he's a big, strong guy and usually stays in the post, where I can guard him pretty well.

Halfway through the first game, he tried to get open at the top of the key, but I was right there with him. The ball was passed to him anyway, but in order to get the ball to him, the pass was high and a bit off. We both jumped up, him to try to grab it and me to try to deflect it. We both came down. I kept going down.

I must have landed on the side of my left ankle. It turned, and I collapsed in a heap as the pain shot up my leg.

The thing with ankle injuries is that you can tell more or less how serious it is within seconds. When I tore ligaments in December a year ago, I knew right away. Hell, I could hear it tearing on the way down. And, as I joked with briganski tonight, if I'd torn something, I probably would have been singing opera (which is a weird habit I've developed, singing in response to pain). No, I knew I'd be okay. I just couldn't put any weight on it at that moment and was done for the night. I started to pull myself along the floor off the court, but the other guys would have none of that. They helped me up and supported me as I hopped on one leg to the bench. After several minutes I was able to bear enough weight to limp to my car and drive. As I remarked to Tubby when he asked if I'd be able to drive home, I drive a stick, so whether I turn the right or the left ankle, I'm screwed either way. I was able to push in the clutch with only some discomfort.

I may take the day off tomorrow, depending on how my ankle feels in the morning. I'm not going to go to work unless I feel my ankle is stable enough to negotiate icy sidewalks. Besides, the temperature is supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow, so I wouldn't mind having to stay at home. <grin> I should be okay in a day or two, but I doubt I'll be able to play hoops on Thursday. Bummer!

Updated (6 a.m.): I just attempted the short walk from my bedroom to the bathroom. After several minutes I almost gave up halfway. I'm clearly not going anywhere today.


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Feb. 1st, 2005 09:49 pm (UTC)
Take it easy for a while. You've battered your ankles and knees enough over the years. You're getting up there in years now, you know.
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