Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Foz has seemed awfully moody, sluggish, and testy the past couple of weeks. Tubby and I had assumed it was because he wasn't getting along with the new cat.

Last night I encountered Foz sleeping on my bed when I was ready to retire for the night. I picked him up to move him and cuddled with him a bit. I immediately noticed he felt scrawny; he lacked the weight I was accustomed to picking up. He started to purr, but he couldn't sustain the purr. Then he started to growl. I thought Yogi might be nearby, but no -- Yogi was in the kitchen, although he came to investigate when he heard Foz growling. I put Foz back down on the bed and ushered Yogi out of the room, then closed the door. I didn't want the two of them fighting again, one because I don't need any more deep scratches on my hands as I try to separate them, and two because, in Foz's apparent condition, I don't think it would be a fair fight.

I returned to the bed and started petting Foz, thinking I was trying to calm him down. Once again, though, he started to growl. And he seemed to be flinching away from my hand. That's when I noticed he looked different. I looked closer and noticed his face was badly swollen, especially along the right side, and apparently was quite sensitive to touch. Foz wouldn't let me get close enough to check in his mouth or nose to see if I saw a cause for the swelling, and there was nothing obvious on the skin or in the eyes. I immediately e-mailed Tubby (it was past midnight and he was at his girlfriend's, so I didn't want to phone) and urged him to take Foz to the vet in the morning.

When I got up in the morning I wanted to check in on Foz, but I couldn't find him anywhere. I assumed Tubby had received my e-mail, come home, and taken Foz to the vet, so I didn't bother to call him.

On my way to my voice lesson in the evening, I get a call from Tubby. I learned that he hadn't received my e-mail, so I relayed the essentials to him. He rushed home to take Foz to the vet, but he couldn't find him anywhere. Foz was very thoroughly hidden. I was actually afraid that Foz was very sick and had hidden himself somewhere to die. However, Tubby called back half an hour later to report that he had found him but couldn't see anything wrong. (Had the swelling gone down, or did Tubby forget what a normal cat face is supposed to look like?) He took Foz to the vet anyway.

Foz has a tooth infection. Clearly, that has kept him from eating his dry food. He has lost two pounds since his last awful lot for a cat. He should be alright now that he's gotten treatment, though.
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