Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Tubby, on realizing the sheer quantity of books I possess: "Don't you think it's about time you started shipping some of those off to Goodwill or something?" Hold your tongue, boy! Don't you realize how I value books? I've already set aside a dozen or so to give away, and it is very painful for me to let go of them. No, no, I'll get rid of these when I've determined I won't ever be reading or re-reading them, and not a moment sooner.


Foz has rejoined the living. He had a tooth infection and the vet pulled the tooth. Foz has spent the bulk of the past two days hidden under my bed, but he finally emerged this afternoon and resumed his usual activity: lazing about the house.


I performed in a Musical Theater competition this morning. If I'd made the Finals, I would have had to miss the Super Bowl. I didn't allow myself to sabotage my performance, since I have a professional reputation to maintain. After all, this is an opportunity to network that has already proved fruitful.

I didn't make the Finals, but I did score high. Thing is, there are only three divisions in Musical Theater (as opposed to six in Song and Aria, where I was a Finalist last year), so I am competing in the same division as everyone else who is 23 or older, several of whom have had or are currently getting conservatory training. I decided to do Musical Theater this year because in previous years the level of competition hasn't been too high, so I figured I could win some money. When I saw the list of competitors, I recognized a few of the names and realized I wasn't the only good singer to follow this train of thought this year. I also sang my first public high G today, towards the end of "Mister Cellophane." Rather, I should say, I attempted my first public G, for even the most generous critic wouldn't call the sound that came out on that note singing! I should have known not to venture that high outside of the practice room. Just because I can vocalize to A-flat is no guarantee I can perform it. I can't say whether that failed G made the difference between making the Finals or not; but you know, I don't really care. I sang well but for that one note, and I had fun. And now I have two weeks to prepare for the Song and Aria competition and stand a very good chance of repeating as a Finalist, this time without conflicting with the Super Bowl.
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