Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Y'all remember the tragic news concerning Korea Garden, Ajanta, and a similar experience with Caprio's (the only decent eatery within several blocks of work, that was bought out the week I decided to eat there)? Well, it's happened again!

I'm going out on a date Friday night, and we decided to eat at Shanti, the Indian restaurant on Huntington cattycorner to Jordan Hall. Well, my date e-mailed me this morning. She walked past Shanti to discover it was closed permanently!

Shanti was owned by the same people who own the Indian restaurant (perhaps named the same, I don't remember) on Dorchester Ave. I wonder if that place is closed now, too.

Anyway, I have clearly become the kiss of death where good local restaurants are involved. Thus, if you have a local eatery you love, let me know and I'll avoid going there. Why take chances, right! (I should plan to go to some of the local restaurants I hate, such as Bukara and Koreana, in hopes that my jinx will work on those places.)
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