Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Save the Date -- February 20

A week from Saturday I am performing in the preliminary round of the NATS Song and Aria competition. If I make the finals, I will perform in front of the public on Sunday evening at the BU College of Fine Arts.

Now, there's no guarantee I'll make the finals. However, I like my chances. I placed third last year, I'm competing against a relatively small field, and I'm singing some awesome repertoire. I know, I know, some of you will give me the standard "opera's not my thing" or "I don't like opera" or "you suck" response -- okay, maybe not that last one -- but it's really not about opera. It's about support. It really meant a lot to me last year when treacle_well, necturus, bitty, bubblebabble, hyounpark, keyasau3, Dan, JC, Tubby, and Scory came out to support me. (I hope I didn't forget anyone!) Hopefully, if I make the finals, I'll get as large a turnout again. And just think, you may get only two more chances to hear me sing after this before I move to London.
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