Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I just did something uncharacteristic of me. I went downstairs to ask my cute neighbor out to dinner. It helped that when I knocked on the back door she ran to the front door. When I knocked again and she ran flustered to the backdoor, I was laughing and greeted her with a "Wrong side!" I asked if she was doing anything tonight. She said she was heading to a party with friends. I told her I came down to ask her to dinner. She said she was sorry. I said nonsense, it was a last minute invite. Some other time, perhaps? Sure, and she asked when was good for me. Well, not next week, because I have a competition. Perhaps the following week? Sure, just let me know. So, I got a date with a lovely young lady in a couple of weeks.

What's uncharacteristic about that? The fact that I live upstairs from her. I seriously crushed on one of the previous tenants, who was very cute in a Jessica Alba sort of way and was a die-hard football fan, but I never asked her out because I live with her landlord. That's why it's uncharacteristic.

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