Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

After being offered the compensation-free role in Cendrillon, I wrote to the producer asking that at the very least they provide me with a score free of charge. I received my response today: they rescinded their offer of the role.

I think it's all for the best. I initially decided to do this because of the $100 compensation. The fact that it would be something I could put on my résumé was only of minimal interest, especially considering I didn't bother to put together a music résumé until this week. The experience would have been nice, too. But the fact is that I live in Medford and this production is in Stoughton. That's about a 40 minute drive each way. The rest of the company started rehearsing in January for a late March-early April performance. Pandolfe is a large role. That means I'd have an overwhelming amount of music to learn and memorize in less than a month. And on top of all that, I'd only be the cover. I don't feel that I need this role as much as they needed me, but I guess they're willing to go ahead without a cover for Pandolfe.

This will allow me to have a little free time for social stuff as well as book club and the NEC Opera Workshop and London plans. I think it's all for the best.
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