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Next Book Club Book

The membership has voted. One book received no votes; four received one; four received two; and one, the winner, received three.

Our next book club selection is Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge, a collection of short stories she wrote towards the end of her life. Personally, I'm happy this was chosen, as I've been wanting to read some O'Connor for a couple of months now. My second choice, Walker Percy's The Moviegoer, tied for second with three other books. I may decide to read it on my own rather than renominate it -- it's short enough.

A breakdown of the voting:
Everything That Rises Must Converge    3
A Bell for Adano                       2
The Moviegoer                          2
Post Office                            2
To Sir, With Love                      2
Beware of Pity                         1
Deliverance                            1
The Jungle                             1
A River Runs through It                1
Fanny Hill                             0

If you're interested in joining us for discussion, we'd love to have you. Our next meeting is most likely going to be at my place, either March 19 or the weekend of April 1. I'll post something here if there is interest.

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