June 13th, 2003


Yes, I Can Be A Jerk

Despite all the nice things I claim to be, I can really be a jerk when the situation calls for it!  Especially on the road...which is where owning a beat-up pick-up truck can be a huge advantage.

I can't stand stupidity and disrespect, things one encounters in disproportionate amounts on a daily basis on Boston-area roads.

Case in point:  I am a firm believer in right-of-way rules.  I know who has right-of-way in any given situation, and I'm not about to give it up when I have it.  Likewise, I will defer to any vehicle that has the right of way.  But don't test me on this.  As long as we're not going fast enough for injury to be a likely outcome to either party, I care far less about dents and scratches on my truck than most people do on their shiny cars.

By the same token, I stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, something that is required by law in Massachusetts and makes sense wherever you are, but something Boston drivers rarely do nonetheless.  However, when there are traffic controls present, they take precedence.  If I am a pedestrian at a crosswalk with no other controls, I will jump out in front of a car and demand my right away (given a reasonable certainty that the car will be able to stop, of course).  And if I am a motorist approaching a crosswalk where there is a walk/don't walk light and the pedestrian jumps in front of me when I have the right away, I will gun my engine and try to put the fear of God into him.

I especially cannot stand the greedy sons of bitches who decide they are entitled to two parking spaces because they are too lazy to park properly.  Parking is at a premium in Boston, and there simply is no room for idiots such as these.  I will go out of my way to piss them off.

This morning in the parking garage I saw a spot that everyone was passing because some asshole's car had straddled the yellow stripe.  I parked in that spot.  I lined up nice and parallel to and completely within the yellow stripes; however, I only left about an inch of clearance between my truck and the offending hatchback.

I wish I could have been there when the driver returned to his car and realized he couldn't get in on the driver's side.  I wonder if he got in the passenger side and crawled over his stick shift or if he climbed forward from the back of the car.  I hope he was a big guy like me so that it was an extremely uncomfortable climb.  I hope he cursed me out loud and threw a little tantrum at being so inconvenienced.  I hope he thinks twice next time he is tempted to take two parking spots...okay, I know, that's too much to ask.


Go Sputa!

I'm proud of my softball team tonight.  We were missing two of our best women and one of our top men.  I was just hoping we'd be able to keep the game close and competitive.

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Why Do I Bother?

I'm almost home from work, driving up Curtis Street towards Tufts.  I see a little girl, I would guess aged about 15, on the left side of the street.  She is at the edge of the curb at a crosswalk, seemingly waiting for a chance to venture across the street.

I stop.  The car coming from the other direction is at least a block away when I stop, but it shows no indication that it intends to do likewise.  This pisses me off.  Suddenly, I step on my gas and swerve to the left, directly in front of the oncoming car.  It slams on its brakes, stopping just short of the crosswalk.

So the girl crosses the street, right?  No.  She looks at both cars, turns around, and walks away.