September 10th, 2003


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The moon was beautiful tonight. Not that it isn't at other times, but it just was tonight. It seemed larger than usual. When my book club discussed The Arabian Nights recently, we wondered why descriptions of beauty always seemed to go along the lines of, "Her face was like the full moon or the rising sun." Tonight's moon put the question to rest.

I was in my truck with treacle_well when we both noticed the moon. I was helping her move three pieces of furniture from her old place to her new place. It feels as if I have done more moving-related activities this year than in years when I haven't moved. Just about everyone I know has been or will be involved in a move. JC moved. Dan moved in with Keya. treacle_well, scholargipsy, and surrealestate moved. Tubby's friend Adam moved. Scotty moved. My friend Aaron moved away. bitty, bubblebabble, and danger_chick will move within the next month or so.

I am extremely popular this time of year, and I'm afraid it has nothing to do with my rugged good looks or my charming personality. For one, I am big and relatively strong, but, more importantly, I own a pick-up truck. On Labor Day weekend alone my services as a moving assistant were solicited by 5 different sets of movers.

I hate moving. It's my least favorite activity in the world. But I don't mind the lifting and carrying large objects. It's the minutae I can't stand: the sorting, packing, tossing, recycling...all the little nitty-gritty things. But I'm not being asked to help with those things, so I don't mind lending a hand.

I have become very lazy about my lifting technique, though, and I am starting to suffer the consequences. I have a weak lower back, partly because my oversized belly is constantly pulling at it. I have bad knees. Rather than lift by bending at the knees and powering through the lift with my legs, keeping my back straight, I tend to use my back and arms to lift.

I really didn't lift that much on Labor Day weekend. I helped surrealestate and her roommate move a few large items into storage before the cookout that Saturday. I helped JC move a couple of large items to his new place. I removed a few old couches and chairs and boxes of my stuff from Keya's place on Friday to make room for Dan's stuff.

And Monday I was supposed to help with two moves. Technically I could have. Nothing really prevented me from doing it. Except that my back was tight -- very tight -- all day, thanks to my lovely lifting technique, and I spent most of the day sitting on the couch trying to avoid movement. By the time I finally did get up and decided to go help out, all the moves were done with.

I know I'm going to do it again. Tonight I lifted some of treacle_well's stuff with my back because I'm lazy and it was easier that way. I'm sure I'll do the same thing when I help danger_chick or bitty and bubblebabble move. I hope my back survives.

Had a pleasant dinner at Redbones today. One of the waiters there works in the Pulmonary Center, and he told me he would "set you up." He helped steer us towards the better dishes, sat and conversed with us when he could, and then gave us a 20% discount on the meal. Too bad he leaves for Ireland in a couple of weeks.

I really wanted to write more tonight, but I keep waking myself up. I think I'd beter cave in to my body's overwhelming desite to get somre sleep.

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I should have tabled last night's post. I knew I was dozing off, but damn. Oh well, it's out now, so I might as well leave it out, bad writing and all. ;) It's just embarrassing.