March 29th, 2004


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I saw Pirates of the Caribbean for the third time tonight, but in many respects it felt like the first time I watched it. The first was at a drive-in theater on the Cape, with bitty and bubblebabble. The screen wasn't very clear, and there were so many distractions (cars honking or driving around, dome lights being turned on and off, kids walking by the car) that I didn't catch a lot of it. The second time was on an airplane. The screens are tiny, and I easily get distracted by the screen a few rows down, and the one beyond that, and so forth, all with the colors set to different levels. Plus, the captain occasionally interrupts the audio feed to make some announcement.

There is so much I picked up today that I had missed the first two times around...visual details, clever dialog, etc. Of course, I started to get very sleepy about two-thirds of the way through, so I might have to watch it a fourth time to get everything.
You can't guard me!

Note to driver on Albany Street this morning:

In the future, if you want to turn left, I suggest you be in the left lane. And you might want to signal your intent. Do not be upset when I do not yield my right away and stop. Yes, I realize your car is newer than mine; in that case, if you are worried about your bodywork, I recommend you follow the rules of the road and not expect me to be reasonable and be intimidated into stopping just because you are three-quarters of the way into my lane. Just be prepared to explain to the cop filling out the accident report why you were making a left turn from the right lane without signalling. And keep that piddly little horn to yourself: it sounds anemic!

Anybody successfully install SpamAssassin?

I just installed it from source, but I am getting the same spam. I simply downloaded the tar file and extracted it and ran perl makefile; make; make install. Everything seemed to install just fine. Do I need to turn something on or configure something for SpamAssassin to work?