August 1st, 2004

In my natural element

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Cuban-Americans are up in arms over $hrub's new policy on travel to Cuba. According to the new policy, Cubans-Americans currently in Cuba must return to the US by the end of July or face stiff fines, and they can only travel to Cuba once every three years to see their family, as opposed to once a year, and then only for two weeks.

I can sympathize with their situation. But a part of me says screw them: they made their bed, and now they have to lie in it. The majority of the Cuban-American population in Florida voted for $hrub in 2000 as retaliation on the Clinton administration for the Elian Gonzalez incident. Their votes could very well have changed the outcome of the election.

Well, they succeeded in punishing Clinton-Gore, and now they're suffering the consequences!
You know I'm sexy!

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Yesterday I said to hell with it. I need new clothes, and I don't want to wait any longer. So I went to Cambridgeside Galleria and bought a shirt at Banana Republic, two shirts and two pants at Filene's, and a belt at Express for Men.

I learned a couple of interesting things. My pants size differs according to the style of pants. In slacks/khakis/etc., I am a 38" waist with a 34" inseam. In jeans I am anywhere from 34" to 38", depending on the cut. I bought a pair of Calvin Klein work-cut jeans in a 36" waist. The CK jeans in the straight leg cut, though, would have to have been a 38" if I were to buy them. Another brand (I don't remember which) still looked loose and baggy at 36", so if I had liked the style sufficiently I would have had to find a 36". I'm surprised that there isn't more consistency in pants sizing.

I like the threads I bought, but I have questionable taste at times, so they may not be as stylish as I think. I may need an nth opinion. Anyone interested coming over for a mini fashion show? Not looking for flattery, just honest opinions to help me decide.