October 28th, 2004


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After the last out, I did a quick survey of the major news websites (ESPN, CBS Sportsline, ABC News, CNN, BBC, Boston.com, etc.) to see what kind of attention the Red Sox win would get. Boston.com wins the prize for best front page:

Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions
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I ran my second mile of the week this morning. Despite stretching my ankles and calves before I ran, I felt tightness in the right ankle and calf almost right away. I wonder if this is something that will disappear with time, practice, and stretching, or whether I'll always feel lingering reminders of my ankle injury.

I don't feel all that exhausted when I run, but my legs do feel like lead weights. They don't feel like this when I run short bursts, like say at football practice. I wonder if my leg workouts impact this at all.

I have been doing lower body workouts -- leg press (complete lower body; 3 sets of 13 reps at 230 pounds), leg extension (quadriceps; 3 sets of 13 reps at 150 pounds), leg curls (hamstrings; 3 sets of 13 reps at 150 pounds), and calf raises(3 sets of 13 reps at 200 pounds). I have definitely noticed muscle gain and better strength, coordination, and balance as a result. I know that the sort of strength training I do is suited for building short-twitch muscle fiber, the kind sprinters develop. Long-distance running develops long-twitch muscle. By continuing my lower body workouts and taking up long-distance running again, am I being counterproductive? Should I change the nature of my weight work? Or should I start running sprints (110s and the like) instead of the distance running? Any thoughts?
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My friend Michelle (not ME, a different Michelle) sent me this link. Every year around this time, her husband's company has a pumpkin carving contest, and the winner is decided by voting that is open to the general public. There are some really neat creations, including her husband's. (She wouldn't, in the interest of fairness, tell me which was his, but I know them well enough to guess.) If you want to check the pumpkins out and/or vote, click on the link.