December 14th, 2004

You can't guard me!

(no subject)

I ordered Chinese tonight from Sesame. I paid cash. When the delivery lady arrived at my door, she said, "Hello Derek, how are you?" Maybe I order too often. I don't even have to identify myself anymore. I just call and tell them what I want, and they recognize my voice and know where it's going. Hey, can I help it if Sesame serves the best Chinese in town?
You can't guard me!

(no subject)

Basketball was fun tonight. I was a scoring machine in the first game. I took advantage of a height mismatch and scored several easy baskets in the paint. I was also able to grab some rebounds and put them back for easy baskets, and I forced a turnover that resulted in a basket for us (when briganski, who picked up the turnover, missed his shot and I put back the rebound). However, I made two critical mistakes on defense, switching off on picks, and these resulted in 2 points. We lost that first game by 1. I played poorly in my second game, despite the same height mismatch. The game started well enough, but then we stopped going to the inside game. Thus, I didn't get as many opportunities in the paint; plus, my defense wasn't as solid, and I kept turning the ball over. I played okay in the third game, but I no longer faced a mismatch. The guy I was paired off against is similarly built and only a little bit shorter but faster, so it was a tough assignment, but I scratched and clawed for every little bit I could.

After hoops, briganski and I went to the gym. My gym had sent me a gift certificate for a friend to receive six months of free membership. I knew there had to be a catch, and we found out what it was when we got to the gym. The monthly fee is waived for six months, but you still have to pay the initial $499 enrollment fee. Clearly, briganski wasn't going to do that. The gym rep offered briganski better deal after deal. He seemed desperate to make the sale. When briganski didn't bite on the $175 enrollment fee plus $19/month offer, the rep offered $0 enrollment, $29/month. However, briganski can't commit to joining a gym until his work situation is a bit more reliable, so I knew he wasn't going to sign up, no matter how good the offer was. I finally asked the rep what days he works and promised that if briganski decided to join, he'd come in on a day that that rep was in, so that he'd still get the commission.

They let briganski have a free workout, so we hit the weights. briganski hurt his arm during hoops, so he avoided most of the biceps workouts. I did a full upperbody workout and started a lowerbody workout. However, after my second leg press set, I felt a twinge in my left knee. Freakin' patellar tendinitis! I decided not to push it and cut my workout short, alas.
Panama Pride

Citizenship Update

I spoke briefly with my aunt this afternoon to inquire about my Italian citizenship. She's been after me to send her a C.V., and I wanted to find out if it was for the citizenship situation or for a Panamanian embassy job. It's for the latter.

Apparently, I am not yet an Italian citizen. The citizenship request is pending a document about my grandfather. Once she locates and submits this document, I will be granted citizenship.

She seemed more concerned about the embassy position. She is concerned that the President is starting to make appointments and that I will miss out. I will send her my C.V., but I would much prefer to go as an Italian, where I have the freedom to find well paying employment, than as a Panamanian, where my options are very restricted and the pay capped.

I impressed on her the importance of taking care of the Italian thing, so hopefully that will be resolved soon. I was looking at the Employee Authorization process for non-EEA nationals, and it looks complicated. I'd like to avoid that hassle, if possible.