February 8th, 2005

Panama Pride

Where I've lived meme....

(courtesy of heinleinfan)

Think about what cities or towns you've lived in (not just visited) in your life, and post them in your journal:

Ancon, Canal Zone, Panamá -- born and lived first 6 months or so there
Balboa, Canal Zone, Panamá -- next 15 years of my life
Lemon Grove, CA (just outside San Diego) -- 3 years for high school and then summers and 3 intercessions while in college
Amherst, MA -- 4 years, minus summers and 3 intercessions
Easthampton, MA -- 2 years
North Cambridge, MA -- 2 years
Revere, MA -- almost 2 years
Medford/Somerville, MA (right on the town line) -- 2½ years

And I'm hoping the next destination is London, UK.