March 1st, 2005


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It's amazing how quickly this stuff can come down! At 7:15, when I got to basketball, it hadn't yet started snowing. At 9:15, when I got home, it had recently started, but it was more a wintry mix than snow, and nothing was sticking. At 11:45, when I left to drop briganski at home, it had really piled up. About 3 to 4 inches in 2½ hours! That's impressive!

How tall are you?

I was sent this link to a site that compares your height to various other famous people or celebrities. At 6'3", I found that I am an inch shorter than our tallest president (Lincoln) and an inch taller than my favorite opera singer (Placido Domingo).

I've made a list of everyone the site listed as the same height as me. There are some interesting names on there. For the few I didn't recognize, I put what their claim to fame is in parentheses. Collapse )
Relax!  Grab a Book!

Book Give-Away

Although the time frame on a move to London is an uncertainty, the fact that I will move is a certainty. With that in mind, I've gradually been ridding myself of possessions. I've done a couple of clothing purges (donated to Goodwill) and will no doubt make another big purge in the near future. I've gotten rid of a lot of junk I've been hoarding for no apparent reason. And, I've gone through my book collection and made some hard decisions. Now, I do intend to take the majority of my books with me, despite the expense of shipping books, because I will not own a t.v. while I'm overseas and plan on reading as my primary pasttime. But I am giving away books (1) that I've read and don't foresee re-reading in the next few years and (2) that I have duplicates of.

Here is the list of books I am giving away. Over the next few months, I intend to step up my reading, concentrating specifically on books I probably will only want to read once, so I will be adding to this list. Here's what I have so far, though. Collapse )

If you want any of these items, let me know by responding here, e-mailing me, or phoning.