April 20th, 2005

You can't guard me!

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I finally have pictures from our rugby club's '80s Night fundraiser. The pictures can be seen at http://www.crrfc.com, but Collapse )

It was a fun party!

Speaking of rugby, yesterday's practice was running-intensive. We ran several laps, stretched, ran another lap, walked to the turf field, ran some sprints with exercises (pushups, situps, squats, starjacks, etc.) in-between, played some 7-on-7 (which requires a lot of running), and then ran optional sprints after practice. Afterwards, I was talking to one of the guys about proper positioning during the 7-on-7 and he told me, "Hey, it's your first year. Nobody expects you to be in position every time. But hey, you're busting your butt out here, and we appreciate that." It's nice to be told that your effort and dedication is appreciated.
You know I'm sexy!

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Received Appetite for Destruction today. Great stuff!

And that reminded me that I have other selections to acquire. I remembered this morning (when I opened a piece of mail from BMG) that I had done two separate BMG buy-1-get-11-free things, one using my home address and the other my work address. I had already received my initial free recording via home, but they had my old e-mail address and, thus, hadn't been able to remind me electronically that I had an obligation to fulfill.

I referenced this post and went to the BMG website to fulfill my obligation with this home account. I bought one at full price, per the agreement, and then got 10 more for free. The 11 CDs are Pat Benatar Anthology (3 CDs), Prince The Hits/B Sides (3 CDs), the 2 Heart Greatest Hits albums, Boston Greatest Hits, and R.E.M. Automatic for the People and Out of Time. I still have two free CDs left with the work account, so I will probably get Bob Marley Legend and either the Sade Best of Sade or Alicia Keys Songs in A Minor. Any thoughts on Sade versus Keys?