May 13th, 2005


Interview Meme

Here are 5 more questions, courtesy of beowabbit:

  1. Imagine you have some injury or illness and can no longer sing. Where do you channel that impulse?
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  3. What have you learned about yourself since you’ve started playing rugby?
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  5. How do you decide whether you’re dating somebody? What are the criteria you use to decide whether something is a "date" or not?
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  7. What do you regularly notice about living in the US that people who’ve lived here all our lives probably miss?
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  9. I know almost nothing about wine. Suppose (and this is not very far from the truth) that I only have enough brain cells to hold one wine in my head, and I need something reliable I can find and buy in any reasonably large liquor store that’s not going to embarrass me if I bring it to the house of somebody who knows wines. What should that be, and why?
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    As usual, if you want to ask me five questions or be asked five questions by me, just post something here. Thanks!