December 2nd, 2005

Falstaff--Eww!  The reek of a lime-kiln!

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I'm desperate to get a working laptop again without spending a shitload of money, so I went down to the Super Computer Sale at the Bayside Expo Center today. What a waste of time and $9! They sucker you in with promises of laptops as low as $299. Just pay the $9 to get in. And then… Junk! All junk! We're talking laptops as old as 5 years (one was even running Windows 95!!!) selling for $900 and upwards. The ones that are as low as $299 aren't even worth acknowledging. And shitloads of other, non-computer junk as well. The really sad thing, though, is that there are hundreds of people down there desperately scooping up all this junk because because it just happens to be marked down. Never mind that these used machines look like they might only last a few weeks longer — they're on sale! Ugh!