December 28th, 2005


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I finally got around to creating two new userpics that I've been meaning to create for a while. Here they are:

photo by missmhart
photo by missmhart
Whaddaya think?

Also, I've been working on the presentation of my userpics page — not that I expect it gets a lot of views, but I certainly look at other users' userpics all the time. I'm trying to be better than I was initially about crediting photos and all that. Now, I have this funny hang-up that every userpic I use must either be of me or represent me. Thus, there is rarely any artwork to credit. Most of the userpics are made by me. Should I put some note somewhere saying that, unless otherwise noted, all userpics are made by spwebdesign? Or do I add "icon made by spwebdesign" to each userpic's information? Or leave it as is? Also, what do I do if I'm not sure who took the picture? (elgatocurioso, did you or your wife take the gorilla and King Richard's Faire photos?) When I can't remember who took the photo, should I simply leave it uncredited, or should I mention that the photographer is unknown? Feel free to browse my userpics and give me your feedback. Thanks!