January 20th, 2006


I'm about to turn 32 and my body won't let me forget!

I feel like an old man!

I have another ear infection. Same ear, the left, but not quite as painful or tender as before. I still have plenty of unexpired Cipro from before, so rather than waste a co-pay I've decided to administer the Cipro twice a day for a week.

I was woken up from a most interesting dream (covered in another post) by the physical therapist I'm going to start with. My left shoulder is not getting better fast enough, and I want to get this fixed before I leave for England, so I'm starting with my first PT session today at 3:30.

And, because the shoulder has only partially responded to a month of chiropractic, we decided it was best to have an MRI done. I will be going to Winthrop Hospital tomorrow to check for any tears in my rotator cuff. At this point, we're pretty darned sure there is one, that it's not just a sprain or something. Muscle tests on Wednesday revealed I have practically no pectoral strength on the left and diminished deltoid strength accompanied by searing pain. I'll find out for sure tomorrow afternoon.

As for the rest, it's nothing worse than occasional lethargy, reflux, and diminished fitness. I miss the physical challenges of rugby season and have not dragged myself to the gym yet. My fitness and energy are suffering. I do situps, leglifts, and sidebends at home, but that has only a very limited effect. I've attempted to do pushups, but the pain in my shoulder stops me after only a few. I want to go run, but I'm either too lazy about it or there's snow/ice everywhere. I need to get involved with organized sport again so I can feel youthful again!

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So, I had another weird dream this morning. It was probably a series of short dreams with one constant tying them all together.

The constant was Nuria. Nuria is this really sexy woman, a la Mary Stuart Masterson is Some Kind of Wonderful, whose six-month visa from Spain to the Pulmonary Center I had arranged. I thought there was chemistry between us and interest on her part, but I was dating Katie-ex at the time and wouldn't allow that to happen. Of course, now I wonder what might have been if I had wised up about Katie-ex before Nuria returned to Madrid. She was one of three high-potential "things" I passed on because I was being faithful, and I had been thinking maybe I'd see if there was still interest when she goes to visit London in March or April. (Of course, at the moment, I'm suddenly not so interested anymore!) ;)

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Today I checked my pulmonary e-mail, on a whim, for the first time since Tuesday. I had an e-mail, sent Wednesday, concerning Nuria's visa status. Interesting, in light of the dream I had this morning.


Alas, Ms. Ford is not feeling well. Our date tonight, barring a miracle recovery, is off. I shouldn't be too disappointed, as I'll see her Sunday, but I was really looking forward to seeing her tonight. I've become such a basket case!
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I found out today I'm assymetrical!

I was at the physical therapist, sitting on the table facing the mirror. She pointed out my clavicle: perfectly symmetrical. Then she pointed out my shoulders and arms: my right side is a good two inches taller than my left and far meatier! I knew my right side was stronger, but I had no idea how. My right arm, shoulder, chest, neck — all significantly more muscular than their left-sided counterparts. The therapist thinks some of that is from being right-handed, but she also thinks some might be due to favoring my right more and losing mass on the left since my shoulder injury. Interesting.