March 15th, 2006

You can't guard me!

I am officially crazy!

Saturday is the Rats' first rugby game of the spring season. I don't leave the U.S. until Monday and I'm not too badly out of shape. Plus, I have a lot of pent up aggression and anger, due to my breakup with Katie, that I would love to inflict on a poor, unsuspecting opponent. So, I asked the assistant coach, who also heads up the B-side, if I could play a half of the B-side game on Saturday.

Turns out there's no B-side game, but I've been told the A-side is in desperate need of front-row subs and they want me to play. So, I said I'd be there.

I doubt I'll get to play, but that chance exists. And we're playing a very good team. Maybe I should go to practice tomorrow to get a bit of training in before the game. Hopefully, I won't be too winded. And please pray that I don't get hurt, because (yes, I know I'm crazy and stupid) I'm doing this without health insurance. What better way to end my Boston adventures before I embark on my new life in London!

If anyone wants to come watch, the game's in Amesbury at 2 p.m. Information can be found on the Charles River website, whose front page I am on.