July 9th, 2006

Attack of the Killer Chihuahua!

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Ack! The UK TV Guide I've been relying on for game times has the start of the championship match listed as 8 p.m. I casually strolled out of the house at 7 p.m. to run a couple of errands. While I was queued up in one store, the radio behind the store clerk announced, "And in the big match, the score is Italy one, France one. It's a cracker of a game!" Shit! The game actually started at 7! I was so flustered the clerk had to chase me down the street to give me my £3.80 of change from my purchase. I missed the first 30:41 of the contest.

As for yesterday's third place match, I haven't said anything because there really isn't much to say. Both teams played a lot of backups. Play was sloppy on both sides, especially by Portugal. On Germany's first goal, by Bastien Schweinsteiger, it seemed as if the Portuguese defense fell asleep and the goalkeeper, Ricardo, wasn't expecting a shot—the ball went through his arms, an easy save for most goalies. The second German goal was an own goal on a deflection by a Portuguese player. Ricardo almost allowed another goal when he was caught out of position and made a desperate leaping save out of what should have been routine. Only Germany's third and final goal, also by Schweinsteiger, was quality, a powerful bending shot into the side of the net. Portugal could have had a few goals themselves, but their shots were mostly off. Their only goal came late in the game, after Figo came off the bench to play his final game of a fantastic career. Shortly after coming in, he made a perfect crossing pass which a teammate headed in for a goal. Overall, though, it was a bad game.

The championship, though, apparently is a "cracker" of a game!
Falstaff--Eww!  The reek of a lime-kiln!


I'm so disillusioned right now. This is not the way to end the greatest sporting event in the world. Now I have to wait another four years knowing that this was such a bullshit finish to this glorious game.

Italy is not the best team in the world. Not even close. They are not better than France. They are not better than Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, England, or the United States. Hell, they couldn't even beat Australia without a gift of a penalty, fer cryin' out loud!

I missed the best part of the game. Italy apparently played really well in the first half; they looked lost in the second half. France played well all game. Zinadine Zidane scored France's only goal and very nearly won the Cup on a beautiful header; but then he had perhaps the most disgraceful moment of his career. An Italian player said something to him, and Zidane thrust his head into Materazzi's sternum. He deserved the red card he eventually received. What a shameful way to end the career of the greatest player of his generation.

France had already subbed out Henry, Ribery, and Vieira, so they were now without their four top players. Despite outplaying Italy for most of the game, they were seriously underhanded and could not win it (though they came very close towards the end of the last overtime). Italy won in penalty kicks because France's Trezequet hit the crossbar on his shot.

They really need to let the players play until someone wins on the field. This penalty kick bullshit needs to stop. That and Zidane's incident ruined what was otherwise a great game for me.