July 21st, 2009

Relax!  Grab a Book!

Book 18

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  1. Dodge, Jim — Fup (121 pages)
  2. Bauby, Jean-Dominique — The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly (114 pages)
  3. Fleming, Ian — Casino Royale (219 pages)
  4. Blake, Quentin — Clown (30 pages)
  5. Weigel, George — The Courage To Be Catholic (249 pages)
  6. Ishiguro, Kazuo — The Remains of the Day (255 pages)
  7. Orwell, George — Animal Farm (125 pages)
  8. Garner, James Finn — Politically Correct Bedtime Stories (81 pages)

Page count: 4323.

I started a new contract today. Even though this is the same company I last worked for, the first day went as first days always seem to go: I sat around seemingly forever waiting to be set up with the necessary hardware and software. While I waited, I noticed Politically Correct Bedtime Stories on a colleague's desk and began reading it. I enjoyed the first story sufficiently to keep reading, and I was nearly halfway through before I was sorted work-wise. I asked to borrow the book overnight so I could finish it.

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories is a bit of tongue-in-cheek satire of political correctness. ("The Three Little Pigs" read like a cross between a Soviet document and Animal Farm, to give a sense for what some of the stories were like.) Some stories were better than others, all were amusing and had surprise twist endings, none are particularly serious or profound. If pressed, I might have to say my favorite was "Little Red Riding Hood," with its recasting of traditional roles and alternative lifestyles. In all, an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours!