Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Oh. My. Gosh.

I went to the NATS finals tonight. I didn't hear the first three divisions because I was hanging out with my friend Michelle (who sang with me in the Spring Opera Workshop last year), another fine singer La'Tarsha, and a beautiful, sexy, and intelligent young woman whom I had not met (and I've been told she sings a mean Queen of the Night!), and I was rather more interested in socializing with these ladies than listening to really young voices. (I did get QotN's phone number, and Michelle and Tom (who coaches me, Michelle, La'Tarsha, and QotN) will be talking up my finer points around her.

But that wasn't the point of this post. Really.

No, this post was inspired by listening to the singers in my division. Wow. And I don't mean wow in a good way. After the first singer, I whispered to Ellie, "I don't know how he got in over me." Her response: "Neither do I." After the second singer, we just looked at each other; there was no need to say more. The third singer was the only one who even approached my class, and I'm confident I would have beat him. Neither one of us understand how I didn't make the finals.

We have no idea what the preliminary judges were thinking. I may not have sung my absolute best, but I sang well. And on a bad day I can sing circles around the first two singers.

This isn't a case of overinflated sense of self. If anything, I tend to be too harsh a critic of myself. I know full well that the reason I compete in the Avocational division is because I can't beat the fine singers in Division V. Last year, when I placed third, I acknowledged that the first and second place singers were better than me, because they were. And you'd better believe I know good singing! When I heard Dana (last week's failed date) and the others in her division, I knew she was going to win. And she did. I knew Michelle had kicked ass. And she won Division V. I talked to Tom, who heard my repertoire on Friday morning. He agrees with me. I talked to Leslie, another voice teacher with whom I'm friends. She agreed that the first two singers didn't belong.

I talked to Ellie after she handed out the prizes. She told me the judges strongly considered not giving a first-place prize in Avocational, that all three of those finalists scored pathetically low across the board. So, I have to wonder what the hell the preliminary judges were thinking. I didn't barely miss, like I did two years ago when I made one silly little mistake in an otherwise flawless performance and just missed the finals by one point. No, I missed by 8 points. And I wonder how many other singers in my division got similarly screwed. I guarantee you, with competent judging -- and the finals judges are all respected musicians and quite competent -- I would have smoked that pathetically weak field and walked away not only with first place in my division ($300) but the oratorio prize ($50). It really is infuriating. And I can't blame my accompanist, because his mistake cannot account for the fact that the judges advanced two bad singers to the finals. I thought that maybe his mistake allowed another good singer to sneak by me, which is what happened two years ago; but, no, he is off the hook. The preliminary judges were simply out of their minds!


But I am happy for my friend Michelle. She really does have an incredible instrument and she is such a fantastic person. I absolutely love her to death because she has such a beautiful soul and beautiful voice. I wish we both could have celebrated, but she definitely deserves her $500 prize.

And I'm happy that I met QotN, that she kept glancing in my direction when I was sitting with others, that she mentioned her "ex-boyfriend" a couple of times, and that she gave me her number. That's almost as good as making the finals! ;) Hopefully it will work out.
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