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But sometimes that's the only way I'll get there. I hadn't been to a movie theater since April or May (not counting the drive-in in Wellfleet, where I spent half the time being distracted by people in other cars). I've wanted to go see a movie for a couple of weeks.

A few months ago I won a free ticket to go see Legally Blonde 2 in the theaters. That ticket expired three days ago, but that's fine because the movie is no longer in first-run theaters. It is a shame, though, because I enjoyed the first one and really want to see the second one...I just don't want to pay for it.

I'd like to see T3, but that's definitely one to watch with friends. I really would like to see it on the big screen.

I've wanted to see 28 Days Later for a while. JC wanted to see it to, so I waited to see it with him. A couple of weeks ago he suddenly decides that he doesn't want to see it because someone told him the end is more like a horror movie than an exploration of survival on a quarantined island after an epidemic. No one else will see it with me.

Fuck it! Sometimes I have to bite the bullet and go by myself, as much as I may find the experience distasteful. Who will I chat with during the wait for the previews? (The book never got cracked open.) Criticize the previewed movies with? Hog the popcorn from? Share thoughts on the movie during the walk back to the car with? I really wanted to see a movie tonight, so I sent an e-mail to several local friends. Thanks to the blackouts, I know at least a few of them didn't get the e-mail. I meant to make a locals-only post here, but never got around to it, as I was fighting fires (or worms) at work. I made a last ditch pitch in person to some friends at work and over the phone to a couple of people. Finally I just went.

But I wasn't going to pay full price to watch a movie by myself. If I'm only going to enjoy part of the experience, I'm only going to pay a share of the going rate. I went to a second-run theater, the Capitol in Arlington, to see 28 Days Later.

I used to enjoy the Capitol a great deal. It's a refurbished theater from the middle ages, in Hollywood time. The theater is quaint and they used to serve real butter with the popcorn. But the theater has new ownership. The admission is now $6, instead of $3.50 or $4.50, what it used to cost. They no longer use real butter, which was the major selling point, IMO, of this theater. And 2 of the last 3 times I've been there, the movie I wanted to see was being shown on the little itty-bitty screen, which is smaller than some of the big-screen t.v.'s I've seen at Best Buy or Circuit City.

The movie was enjoyable. As usual, JC was wrong, but we've come to expect that of him on so many subjects. This is a British production and very non-Hollywood, which is A Good Thing©. I'm not quite sure how to describe it, really. There were some scenes that really took me aback, lovely pastoral scenes amidst all the death and disease. There were a lot of hokey moments throughout, but hokey in a good way. There were some very frenetic scenes. This was not a smooth movie, but it worked. There is one scene where the protagonists are stocking up in an abandoned supermarket and Jim picks up a bottle of whiskey. Frank, comes over and says, paraphrased, "Don't waste your time on that cheap stuff. Take this here. Single malt, aged 16 years. Smooth, not harsh. Took out the fire and kept the warmth." This move is more like a ten-year single malt: it's rough around the edges, might burn you going down if you're not receptive, but it's all good.

It has two finishes, a principal and alternate (after the credits). I thought the principal was hokey, but it warmed the cockles, like a good 16-year. The alternate left an aftertaste that was a bit off. Too bad I had no one to pan it with. Drinking and watching movies...two things that should not be done alone.

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