Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Travelling Meme

I don't know why I do memes, but I do. This was was stolen from spiderourhero (who, Dan, you know as Lorraine).

List five places you've been that you think the people on your friends list should see before they die. If you like, say why you think they're special.

(A good many of my friends are very well travelled, so their lists will probably be more useful to me than mine to them, but oh well. I'll try not to list too many places in Panamá.)
  1. Isla Coiba, Panamá. An almost pristine wilderness about an hour or two's boat ride off the Azuero Peninsula in the Pacific, where you can swim with giant parrot fish, docile reef shark, playful dolphins, green sea turtles, etc., and enjoy a some of the most beautiful vistas you're likely ever to see, featuring unspoiled white and gold beaches and numerous little islands. And for those who are into this, it's one of the top deep sea fishing locations in the world.

  2. Edinburgh, Scotland. Beautiful architecture throughout the city and dramatic vistas, dominated by Arthur's Seat, Ediburgh Castle, and the Firth of Forth.

  3. Silverton, Colorado. The real reason I list Silverton is because I believe you have to take the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad to get there. Riding this historic train takes you through some of the most beautiful mountains anywhere and is fun to boot.

  4. Yellowstone National Park, Idaho/Montana/Wyoming. Wow. I mean, wow! Drive through herds of bison. See wild moose. Dip your hand into lake with 80° water when there's several feet of snow on the ground nearby. Watch the numerous geysers and hot springs. Boiling mud! There're so many natural wonders to see here!

  5. The Panama Canal. One of the engineering wonders of the world. You can visit Miraflores Locks and watch the ships be raised to the level of Gatun Lake or lowered to sea level. See Gaillard Cut (a.k.a. Culebra Cut) from one of the hills that offer a vantage point. See the Thatcher Ferry Bridge (the Bridge of the Americas) spanning the Pacific terminus of the Canal, allowing the Pan-American Highway to continue its course. See the Smithsonian Institute's operations at Barro Colorado, a small island with wildlife found nowhere else in the world. Swim or canoe with the turtles and cayman at Gatun, where the Chagres River flows into the Canal. Near the Atlantic terminus, detour slightly to see Fort San Lorenzo guarding the mouth of the Chagres or Portobelo, one of the first and richest cities in the Spanish New World and home of the Black Christ. There's just so much to see and do in and around the former Canal Zone!
On a related note, I may have to go to Panamá at some point this spring/summer before I move to England. I've had 3-4 people over the past few months ask me when I plan to go to Panamá next because they'd like to visit and preferably with a friend who could show them around. If you think you'd like to visit Panamá at some point this year, let me know roughly when you might want to be doing this. If it works out for all of us, we could maybe do a group tour, a week or two visiting all the must see places and some of the really cool things that tourists may not know about.
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