Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Well, I'm getting closer. I got down to the last two at the table. I was actually probably slightly behind when we started head-to-head, but I soon built up a chip lead. A big lead. An almost insurmountable lead. Almost.

But I got a bit careless with my calls at the end. If it had been winner-take-all, I probably would have played a little bit tighter at the end. However, I knew that second place gets his $20 back, so I made a couple of calls on hands I should have walked away from. He won one big hand that made my lead less insurmountable. Then he went all in and I called him. I had two pair, sixes and nines. He had three threes. I had little choice but to go all in on my next hand and couldn't suck out a pair.

Oh, so close to winning $120! At least I didn't lose anything. And I played well for the most part. That's what counts.
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