Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Only 11 people showed up for hoops today. And my team kept winning. We didn't lose until our fourth game, and that was an 11-10 affair. So, I played an hour and a half straight before I got my first rest. (As the losing team, we had to shoot for the 4 players that stayed on, and I was the odd man out.) Even then, I only rested for about 5 minutes before one of the guys took an elbow in the face and I came in for him. I played another 40 minutes straight without rest.

Last night, when I went off my diet and had some junk food, I justified it by saying I'd burn it off today. I had no idea to what extent I'd burn it off, though. And now my feet are sore. Very sore. But it was fun and oh so worth it!
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