Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

What the hell was I thinking?!

So I had my first rugby practice today. It didn't involve much rugby.

Practice pretty much went like this: "Okay, let's run." No indication of how long a run -- we just started running. Mercifully (for my out-of-shape body) we only ran two laps. Then we stretched. Then, "Let's run another lap." Then we did drills, in the middle of a muddy field in the dark. I was confused as hell for much of the drills. Every so often we'd interrupt drills for another exercise -- "pushups, twenty," or "sit-ups, twenty," or "star jacks, fifteen," and so on. I was embarrassed, for halfway through the third set up pushups I had to cheat and start doing them from my knees. I can do sit-ups all day, though -- well-developed singing muscle, you know. ;) When we finished drilling in the dark, we had a brief team meeting and then, "Let's do another lap to cool down." Then we moved to another field, one that was lit and that the college lacrosse team was done practicing on for the night. We drilled some more, and this time everything ran more smoothly because we could see each other and the ball. Then we ran a scrimmage, except there were no scrums, rucks, or mauls and no real tackling. It was basically an exercise in passing the ball and keeping the basic ebb and flow of the game going. I slowly started to get the gist of what we were supposed to do. When we were done, we ran another lap. Total running: a mile and a quarter, plus all the running during the drills and scrimmage.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

On the way home, I was thinking about why I let myself be talked into taking up rugby. One, I need the exercise, and this will definitely increase my strength and fitness. Two, I love playing team sports like football, basketball, and softball; however, I doubt they play much football, basketball, or softball in England. I love soccer, but I really can't play it seriously. Rugby would be something I could play over there, allowing me to get exercise in a team sport setting. Three, I love to learn new things and expand my horizons. This will be fun.
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