Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm surprised I have any teeth left.

I was guarding MW at the top of the key. He caught the pass and pulled up to shoot, and I jumped up into the air to try to block the ball. Suddenly MW drove to the hoop, having completely faked me out, and drove upwards towards the basket. His shoulder, near the base of his neck, caughtt my jaw as I came down. It felt as if someone had taken a mallet and swung upwards through my lower jaw. According to a couple of guys, the collision made a loud cracking sound, like two cinder blocks smashing into each other. One guy told me he thought for sure there would be teeth everywhere because of that sound. I kept checking in disbelief, but my teeth are all still there. Of course, my jaw is still sore and stiff almost three hours later, and I still find myself checking to make sure nothing's loose.

The ironic thing: after the play, after I confirmed that I was really okay, a couple of guys asked what we do next. "It's a foul on me," I said. The guys on my team couldn't believe that I was conceding the foul after taking a blow like that. However, it was the right call. He may have initiated the contact, but he was entitled to the space I was coming down on; therefore, foul on me.

Tomorrow I start knocking my head on purpose, as we'll probably start tackling and practicing scrums, rucks, and mauls at rugby practice. But tomorrow I'll be wearing a mouthguard.

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