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Last night I set my alarm an hour later than usual. See, usually when my alarm sounds, I end up dozing for an hour anyway, resetting the alarm every few minutes. I went to bed late enough and was beat up enough, though, that I decided I'd be better off getting a solid hour of sleep than dozing for an hour postponing the inevitable.

I woke up a minute before when my first alarm usually goes off, though. (So much for my extra hour of sleep!) I woke up because of the warm liquid I felt dripping onto my left hand. I opened my eyes and couldn't understand why my hand was red. Then recognition kicked in and I sat bolt-upright. That's when I noticed my bloodstained pillowcase.

Apparently, I had been bleeding out of my left nostril onto my pillow for quite a while before I shifted positions and started bleeding on my hand. It would be easy to blame the rugby. However, for years I've been getting at least one major nosebleed in the spring and one at the beginning of winter. It's just never occurred while I was sleeping before. I don't think this nosebleed is related to the hit I took last night, because it was my other nostril that got hurt. Anyway, it looks like I'll be doing laundry tonight after mass.

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