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Is it skunk season? This weekend I've seen 5 dead skunks on the roads. Well, 4 were definitely skunks: black with tufts of white and that characteristic foul odor. The fifth and final was identifiable by odor only.

I don't think Dan, Keya, and JC will want to play Settlers with me anymore. When I rolled the dice and they didn't tally a 7, I threw my hands in the air and exclaimed, "All hail me, the reigning three-wins-in-a-row Lord of Catan." They refused to hail me this time.

I moved the last two boxes of my belongings out of Keya's place last night. That means I have officially been moving out of her apartment longer than she and Dan have been together. It's interesting some of the things that I didn't realize I had left behind: the boots I was looking for last week, the title to my truck, the links for my watchband that will allow me to wear my Bulova again, my walkman (I had forgotten I owned a walkman!), the newer of my two pitchpipes, the shoes I wear when I do drag, a missing glove.... I do still have belongings of mine at her place, but these things -- the couch and easy chairs, the prints, the entertainment center, etc. -- are on loan until she moves to Maryland.

I learned two new games tonight at treacle_well's place: Carcassone Hunters and Gatherers, and Frank's Zoo. There was no time for me to learn Puerto Rico, a resource management game, because I had to go to mass. The two games I learned are fun, but (in my opinion) they pale in comparison to Settlers.

Wildcard Paragraph: Insert your own random thought or observation. Extra points for being witty or for provoking deep thought. Doing both may be hazardous to someone's health.

I got a traffic ticket on Friday, I think. I was driving along on Albany Street just a few blocks away from work, when some asshole rolls through a stop sign, cuts me off, and then applies his brakes. As I saw it, I could have slammed on my brakes and hoped I stopped in time, or I could quickly pass him on the left. I chose the latter as the safer course of action. As my luck would have it, that's when the squad car sticks its nose out of the next intersection. He doesn't see me getting cut off and having to maneuver to avoid an accident. He only sees me passing some car where there's a double yellow line, although I didn't actually have to cross the double yellow line because the other car was hugging the right. The cop was rude and wouldn't let me explain what happened. He says a ticket will be mailed to me. If and when I receive it, I will appeal it.

I just don't listen to enough music. Music is my passion. I used to spend hours doing absolutely nothing but listening. Now listening is, at best, delegated to a background event while I perform some other task. I need to fix this.

Is it wrong for me to be glad that no donor was found for Idi Amin?

We should all be required to learn more about the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. We pay too much attention to the American and European folk cultures in our schools and not enough to other traditions.

Does anyone else feel betrayed? 7-up's motto for as long as I can remember was "Caffeine -- Never Had It, Never Will." And now there's a caffeinated 7-up, which I guess they call dn-L. (Look at that upside-down for a sec.)

Football season is upon us. I have less interest in professional sports this year than I've had at any point in my adult life. I wonder if I'm not feeling well or if it's the haircut. I'll continue to watch my Chargers, though -- I'm a masochist.

You should all listen to Charles Ives' Piano Sonata No. 2, "Concord, Mass., 1840-1860." It represents the pinnacle of American classical music. I've listened to it many times, and I hear something new every time. I recommend the Gilbert Kalish interpretation on an Elektra/Nonesuch recording.

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