Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

The e-mail at work,, is run on an NT server. There have been problems with the server going down during the weekend or at other odd times when our lone Windows tech person can't attend to it. Our office is considering migrating to the University's e-mail system,, which is also an NT system. This would ensure greater tech support. However, it would also cost the department a $200 per computer per year licensing fee, and we would most likely have less storage space available to us. I am opposed to such a move, naturally. My opinion is that if they want more stable and robust e-mail with more consistent tech support, they should migrate to a *nix system, running either qmail or sendmail for the mailserver and administered by me. (And we already have the domain we can use.) Alas, the Windows tech guy is dead set against this. He won't tell me his objections beyond a vague declaration that NT is better, and unfortunately he has the ear of my boss.

How should I present my case to my boss? Obviously I think *nix is better than NT, but I need to convince my boss of this. The money argument is easy enough to make: *nix is cheaper and requires no licensing fees. I simply don't know enough about NT to make a cogent argument. How would you state this case? What are the pros and cons of running either a *nix or NT mailserver?
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