Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Been having network problems all night -- Comcast's DNS not resolving names -- so I'll have to put off catching up on journals till tomorrow.

Sent a long e-mail to my boss explaining why we should migrate the e-mail (and eventually other services) onto a Linux platform. I've made a point of asking the IT person what his objections to *nix are, and his only response has been avoidance and a blanket, "I just don't like it. Blech!" That, in my opinion, is no justification for spending thousands of dollars on licenses to migrate from our current NT server to the University's NT server. If you're going to make a change, might as well go for the more reliable, more robust, stabler, and cheaper option. My boss was open to my suggestions and says he is intrigued and will think about it. One of his concerns is what will happen when I leave. Nobody seems to believe that the majority of *nix administration can be done remotely.

At a cook-out this past weekend some of the guys were having the usual Windows versus Unix debate. One technophobe decided to change the subject by stating that he just wants to know which system is better for surfing his porn sites. I quipped, "Viewing porn on IE is like sex without a condom."

Speaking of protection, I'd really like to learn more about internet security. When I get to England I am going to sell myself as a web developer. However, I think I would improve my job prospects if I can talk up the networking experience I have, including installation and administration of *nix machines (Red Hat and FreeBSD), mail servers (sendmail), database servers (MySQL), web servers (Apache), etc., and adding security to that would be big. I oversaw the implementation of the firewall at work, but briganski did most of the work. I need to get under the hood and really understand how all that works. My primary thing will still be XHTML, PHP, Apache, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL, but security is a hot field, so I should know it. Maybe I'll pick up a book and start working on it. I hate to further distract myself from music, but this will be the stuff that enables me to make the move to London and pay for my voice lessons, so it's a justifiable proposition.

Oh, and speaking of music, I used one of my free BMG selections on Appetite for Destruction. Still haven't made up my mind about the other two. Leaning towards Automatic for the People and one of the Heart greatest hits CDs, but I keep changing my mind.
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