Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Calling all geeks!

Last week I finally got fed up enough with my Windows machine at work continuously crashing and being compromised by malicious programs, etc., so I took it upon myself to install Fedora Core 3. However, I can only justify doing so if I can do everything on the linux box that I could with Windows. To that end, I've installed Wine to run the Windows programs I use for which there aren't adequate linux equivalents. There are two things I have not been able to do, though: (1) connect to the NT Exchange Server to access calendars, mail, etc.; and (2) access filesharing and printing with smbclient.

I'm not sure if the problem is mine or the NT server's. I've been attempting to connect to Exchange using Evolution. Both with the e-mail and the filesharing/printing, it can't seem to find the NT server. The name of the machine should be \\PULMONARY. Maybe I have the NSDomain name wrong? I scanned the local network and found a bunch of machines at the medical center I could connect to, but not our server. Maybe the server is improperly configured to allow smb access? I know there are shared files, and with Windows I could connect to them by selecting Map Network Drive from the Tools drop-down in My Computer. Is there a linux equivalent to Map Network Drive? Our IT guy is reluctant to help me, because he is completely opposed to all things *NIX (imo, fear of the unknown fuels his ignorance and intractability). I don't feel comfortable fiddling around with the NT server since I know so little about NT and the department relies on its proper functioning.

Can any of you more networking-savvy folk suggest any possible solutions? If I can't get this stuff to work, I'm going to have to reinstall Windows, something I'm loathe to do.
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