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I have the papers in my hands! (Well, okay, I put them down to type this.) Finally, I can kick this thing into gear. I will call the Italian consulate and schedule an appointment to start the citizenship process. The process is supposed to take four to six months. Hopefully they will offer some way of expediting it.

My aunt included a touching letter, wishing me the best and expressing her support. I was going to attempt to paraphrase the letter, but I find that doesn't do it justice. Rather, I'm going to copy the core paragraph and then translate it for you non-Spanish speakers:
Espero con esto ayudar a que realices tu sueño, estás pagando un precio muy alto para hacerlo realidad, y digo muy alto, porque has dejado a un lado el resto de las cosas, como es realizar otros estudios que ahora te ayudarían para seguir ese sueño. Es importante seguir los sueños, pero cuidado .... .... la vida es tan corta y tal vez cuando te des cuenta es tarde para otros proyectos, como es organizar tu futuro, tus hijos, etc. A veces, parte del éxito es abrir otros caminos, y ser persistente, y no hay duda que has sido tenaz, pero el éxito y la felicidad está en una serie de victorias diarias, lo que depende de uno mismo e implica mucha decisión, confianza en sí mismo, y mucho valor, y tú tienes esas virtudes, así que adelante. Europa es una oportunidad, es otro mundo y hay que vivirla, yo hubiese querido vivir en Europa, más joven, pero se me paso la vida y lo triste es que todavía no sé en qué. Trata de viajar y conocer, eso te da mundo, cuidando de no tirar la vida.
I hope with this to help you realize your dream. You're paying a very high price to make it reality, and I say very high because you've left to one side the rest of things, such as pursuing other studies that might now help you pursue this dream. It's important to follow your dreams, but be careful ... life is so short and perhaps when you take notice it's too late for other pursuits, such as organizing your future, your children, etc. Sometimes, part of success is opening other paths and being persistent, and there is no doubt you've been tenacious; but success and happiness is in a series of daily victories, which depend on oneself and imply much decision-making, self-confidence, and much bravery; and you have these virtues, so onwards. Europe is an opportunity -- it's another world and you have to experience it. I would have wanted to live in Europe when I was younger, but my life passed me by and the sad thing is that I still don't know in what. Try to travel and to learn -- that gives you worldliness -- being careful not to throw your life away.

My aunt would have made a great parent. Instead, she's given her life to realizing her career, supporting her mother and aunt, and spoiling her nephews and nieces. She's also my Godmother, one of the truly inspired choices my parents made, as she has been everything one could want as a surrogate, pouring out her love, support, and experience for me to feed off of.

Okay, enough sentimentalism. Time to get to work and, ultimately, Europe.
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