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I've been sufficiently occupied the past few weeks that I have not had much opportunity to update my journal, despite the fact that there is plenty I've wanted to post about (such as my rugby road trip to Media, Pennsylvania). I finally got around to writing a lengthy post this morning, but the browser crashed and my post was lost, despite the fact that I copied the text before clicking on preview. I'm going to try again, though I'm sure this post will lack the same charm and sparkle of the original.

Alas, I have felt extremely exhausted the past few days. I've been getting normal amounts of sleep, so I don't know the cause of my fatigue. Dr. K thinks I might be sick. In addition to the fatigue, I was very jittery on Saturday and Sunday, felt a brief pang of acute nausea during surrealestate's play Saturday night, presided over an emergency session on the porcelain throne on Sunday night, and have been feeling very chilly. If I feel nauseous again tonight, I am to inform Dr. K, since that would indicate that it wasn't simply something I ate.

I decided not to take my truck to Midas, as I didn't trust their diagnosis that the clutch had to be replaced. I opted instead to use a place that specializes in transmissions. They confirmed that the clutch may not have to be replaced. Whether or not it does depends on whether the leak from the slave cylinder permeated through to the clutch plate and whether I did any damage to the clutch after the leak. Of course, I waited long enough to fix the problem that I may have done enough damage to the clutch to necessitate its being replaced. I bought some clutch fluid yesterday, hoping that would help, but couldn't figure out where to pour it. I thought my engine was going to explode on the way into the city, so I parked it at the garage at work and have been a pedestrian ever since. It's still driveable, but I could hear the gears grinding away as I drove and didn't want to do further damage. I had the truck towed instead of trying to drive it in to the shop. I will be out almost $700 as a result of the repairs. Ouch!

This weekend we were graced by elgatocurioso and keyasau3, who came up from Baltimore for keyasau3's graduation ceremony. We hung out on Friday night watching a video of their wedding (much cringing and laughter), playing games, and catching up. We hung out again on Saturday afternoon for a few hours. Tubby unilaterally decided to throw a party at our place, but I wasn't much in a social mood. I basically sat in a chair in my rugby kit (including my awesome orange-and-green ringed socks) playing games and chatting, not making any effort to circulate.

I did manage to sneak into keyasau3's graduation ceremony Sunday afternoon. I hung out with her for a few minutes before the graduating class processed in, and then I went in search of a quick bite. Fortunately I managed to miss most of the speeches. I got back just in time to hear John Kerry complain about tax cuts to the richest 2% about 4 times in the last 3 minutes of his speech! It was good then to see keyasau3 get hooded and to hang out a bit with her family again.

Saturday evening K and I went to see surrealestate's play up in Burlington. I didn't think much of the play, but the performances were very good. In particular, surrealestate was very convincing playing the perky, naive, and innocent ingenue. It's probably the last time we'll ever see her perky, naive, or innocent! Alas, I was nodding off during the first act and was too exhausted to join her at the cast party that followed.

That morning I played in my last rugby match of the spring, the Old Boys game, and the timing couldn't be better. As K, donning her doctor hat, has said repeatedly, I need to take a break from rugby. I have acquired several little nagging injuries that wouldn't stop me from playing but that won't heal unless I rest the affected body parts. Amongst them are a deep thigh bruise in the left leg (which is mostly healed but still tightens up periodically), plantar fasciitis in the right leg, an injured rotator cuff in the left shoulder, and a pulled muscle in the right upper arm. I also think I've developed a fatal case of podiosis, but she insists there is no such disease -- I tell ya, medical science just isn't what it used to be!

I had fans at the game! elgatocurioso, keyasau3, briganski, JC, and the lovely and talented K were all there to watch me get abused. I played okay. I mostly held my own in scrums. In the second half, the opposing prop and lock had about a combined 200-pound advantage on me and my lock, so I was getting driven back a fair bit. However, I played with good technique and was getting lower than I had been previously. I did alright rucking, and I got a couple of drives started off of mauls. I had three or four opportunities to make tackles, but I didn't get low enough and the ball carrier was bigger than me, so I lost that battle each time. It was pretty sloppy rugby, with the ref letting a lot of crap go uncalled and people in unfamiliar positions, and the weather was cold, drizzly, and windy, so I felt kind of bad for my fans. Nonetheless, briganski says he might check rugby out in the fall. K seemed pretty shocked by the amount of violence inherent in the game, so when I acquired a bloody nose after having my face driven into the turf early in the game, I milked it for all it was worth. Anyway, if nothing else, the game indicated where I have progressed the most and what things need the most work in the off-season. My conditioning has improved dramatically, and I was outrunning others downfield to try to be in position to make plays; but I need to work on increasing my flexibility, getting lower and gaining leverage, and developing my understanding of the game so that I can better support my teammates during the game. It's been a fun season, though.

Finally, yes, as should be obvious from this post, K and I are still together. I don't know if we're just in a honeymoon period where everything works like a charm, but she is simply amazing. (And, no, I'm not just saying this because I know she has an LJ account and probably will be reading this.) We simply have connected on so many levels. We make each other laugh. We think alike (even if she's wrong about Debussy and Ives). It's been so enjoyable getting to know her better and better every day, spending so much time together, missing each other when we're not together. She is so unpretentious and willing to let down her hair and just be, yet she is the consummate professional when she needs to be and is well-regarded by her medical peers. I don't know how it is that I'm so lucky, but yay!
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