Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I just got back from having lunch with Keya. We decided to eat at a little place across Harrison Ave. from the Medical Center called Andre's Cafe.

I thought the food was overpriced, but that is true of most of the places near work. And the food was mediocre. But what really galled me was the penny pinching. As Keya noted, most places will give you a dollar back if the change due is 99¢. This place actually counted out the 99¢! I asked for a side of barbecue sauce for my fries, since I don't like ketchup. At most places, this is complimentary, but these people made me dig in my pockets for 35¢!

Needless to say, I won't be going back there.

Last night around 7:15 I got a voicemail message. In a thick Texas drawl, I heard, "Hi Derek, this is Geoff. It's my birthday today. Some of us are getting together at Chili's at Copley at 7." So, I changed lanes to avoid getting on the freeway and turned around to go to Copley. I thought my phone had just delayed in getting the messages to me, but I later found out that Geoff was actually making some of these phone invitations around 7.

So I walk in and -- lo and behold! -- there was the Girl I Have A Major Crush On. I hadn't asked her out recently because she was a member of my softball team and I didn't want to risk bad team chemistry. But now that the season is over....  Anyhow, there she was. And I was in fine shape last night, too: the girl sitting across from me was in tears from laughing so hard, and the GIHAMCO was also smiling and laughing. Very good sign. I think I'll wait a week or so and then ask her out.

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