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Friday's are for memes, right?

The 5 Things Meme
(from docbrite through elgatocurioso)

5 things you feel right now:
1. the need to shit
2. thrilled that K is going with me to Vermont tonight
3. a really annoying knot above my right shoulder blade
4. pissed off that the two O'Reilly books I ordered with overnight delivery on Tuesday haven't arrived yet
5. the need to come up with 5 Hollywood people I'd hang out with, in order to play fj's meme

Last 5 things you bought:
1. lunch today
2. some snacks last night, including ice cream for briganski
3. juice and water yesterday afternoon to accompany the free lunch
4. a haircut yesterday at noon
5. drinks and a sandwich at K's celebratory outing Wednesday night

5 objects of lust:
1. K
2. Jennifer Connelly
3. Shannon Elizabeth
4. Elisha Cuthbert
5. quintuplets (and I actually have permission to shed restraint with them!)

5 things in your pockets or purse:
1. loose coins, including a British 2-pound coin
2. keys
3. empty billfold
4. slim wallet for credit cards and driver's license
5. cell phone

5 things you collect:
1. Books
2. CDs
3. Sick Time (since I hardly ever use it)
4. sheet music
5. seashells

5 statements you can make that most people can't:
1. I'm an opera singer.
2. I'm going to be acquiring my third nationality within months.
3. I've had dinner on the roof of the building at the bottom of Hoover Dam.
4. I share a SCUBA diving world record (which Guinness has repeatedly refused to acknowledge) with 130-some other people.
5. I scared George Lucas.


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Jun. 25th, 2005 10:32 am (UTC)
5.2:You have your third .nationality. You are waiting for it to be officially recognized. Your mother doesn't want to pay for something she thinks she may be able to get free through the back door and I've been unable to find the paper she wants to copy, which she may have placed in her safe deposit box. I would have spent the $215 months ago to do it right. I doubt her unofficial copy will be accepted but she is determined and might get away with it.

I continue searching.

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