Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

When I was at the Gateway Arch on Saturday, I saw some horehound candy in the giftshop. Now, how could I pass up something like that?! (No doubt that's what they were thinking when they made it — it's all about marketing!) Naturally, I wanted to see what horehound tasted like. ("What, you don't know?" quipped K's youngest sister.) So I bought a bag.

It was nasty! I managed to finish mine, but K and her sister spat theirs out. We brought it back with us to Boston, though, but I've wondered how I was going to get rid of the stuff. (The idea of simply throwing it out just seems wasteful, even if horehound is nasty shit.)

At lunchtime today I was looking in my bag for my Prilosec when I found the bag of horehound candy. I offered some to my office mates. Two of them sampled, and at least one of them didn't seem to mind the flavor. An idea struck me. Since I know that the labfolk will devour anything, I made an overhead announcement: "Attention Pulmonary, if you'd like to taste horehound, please come to the office." It seems to have worked. People hear "horehound" and just have to know more. (And really, puerile as it must seem, it's fun asking people if they'd like to try some horehound!) I've had a few people respond to my page, unable to resist the call of the horehound, and I've offered some to just about everyone who's walked into the office. It seems no one has ever heard of the stuff and most have been curious enough to try a piece. Reaction has been mixed. One person even liked it enthusiastically! Most importantly, though, the stuff should be all gone before the day is gone. Mission accomplished!
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