Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Am I going to become a scapegoat now that I'm leaving?

In June I received documents for an H1 visa renewal from a researcher whose current status expires at the end of August. I lectured her at the time that three months is simply not enough time to guarantee timely processing of the H1 status. I told her we would try to submit the application with normal processing, but that if, at the beginning of August, it didn't look like it would be processed in time we'd have to bump it up to expedited processing by paying the corresponding $1000 fee. Sure enough, I was informed late Monday that the USCIS is still processing applications received in April, so that there is virtually no chance the researcher's application would be processed in time without expedition. Thus, I started the process for requesting the $1000 check for premium processing.

Today I was CC'd on an e-mail to my boss and my supervisor from the researcher's PI stating that "despite her timely application" we would need to draft the $1000 check. This really irks me. I'll take the blame when I fuck up, just like I did in December when my fuck-up almost resulted in a deportation. But don't try to blame me for shit that is someone else's fault just because I'm leaving! I immediately did a "reply-all" stating that I submitted the researcher's materials within two days of receiving them (an extremely timely turnaround, considering the materials I have to gather) and that submitting an H1 petition in June for an August expiration is not the least bit timely.

On Friday I FedExed a J1 application to the International Students and Scholars Office. I requested Priority Overnight delivery, so that the ISSO would have this application first thing Monday morning. Why the rush? The scholar in Spain plans to arrive in the US on September 1. She will be visiting the US Embassy in Spain on August 10, which is the latest she can go and still ensure a September 1 arrival. She needs certain documents to arrive to her from the ISSO by then (and I submitted a completed international FedEx airbill to the ISSO so they can send the package on our dime).

Well, the application arrived this morning. Two days late!!! The guy at the ISSO had been panicking because he knows this application needs to be rushed and he didn't have it. So I called FedEx to complain and lecture them on how this delay would affect someone's visa status. I gave them the tracking number, and they reported that the package was delivered Monday morning and signed for by [name withheld]. Great — so the ISSO had it all along and some receptionist sat on it for two days! If this scholar doesn't receive her visa in time, I'm sure I will be blamed for it, and again it won't be my fault.

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