Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

As I drove from home to the gas station this morning I started to compose a post in my head. I had just seen a car with its rear bumper smashed and half hanging off and remarked to myself that I had seen a number of cars in the past week with streetside parts hanging off, as if they had been hit while parked there.

Then, after spending nearly $50 to fill up my gas tank, I started composing a rant about the escalating price of gas.

As I sat at the stop sign near the gas station, waiting for an opportunity to turn into traffic, I suddenly realized that the first post would be more appropriate, the way my injured-leg omens post presaged my ankle injury. I say "suddenly" because the loud crunching sound and jarring compression of my body against the seatbelt and floor pedals came quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Yes, I was rear-ended while I sat at the stop sign.

My initial reaction was anger. I got out of my car and stared at my rear bumper. The frame that holds the bumper in place was bent downwards. One has to hit me pretty fucking hard to bend that thing! The driver of the other car apologized and asked if I was okay. I wasn't thinking — just seething — and just blurted out, "I'm fine, but my bumper isn't." Well, clearly, he could see my truck's rear was pretty fucked up, but he was trying to be concerned and make sure I was okay. I snapped out of it and calmed down, acknowledged I was okay, and agreed to drive across the street to an adjoining lot to exchange information.

We've exchanged information. The other driver seemed sincerely sorry the whole time. He says he's not sure what happened. When I stopped, I checked in the rearview mirror as usual, and I saw that he stopped. But then several seconds later he slammed into me while I was looking for an opening. He said he just spaced out and thought I had gone without bothering to look ahead to confirm. I had assumed the car behind him had smashed into him, propelling him into me, but that wasn't the case. He simply gunned into my backside, trying to get into a gap in traffic, without realizing that I was still in front of him. He signed an index card with his info stating that he was at fault, and he contacted my insurance company to let them know he was at fault. I'm having my truck appraised tomorrow morning and the insurance company has already assured me that my deductible will be waived.

I went to see my doctor as a precaution. I was feeling a bit light-headed after the accident and had a few brief, mild headaches. My lower-middle back is sore, especially on the left side. And I seem to have reaggravated my ankle injury — my foot was pushing the clutch all the way in since I was stopped, and it seems to have absorbed a bulk of the impact. But my doc says that all my symptoms are in line with typical post-impact symptoms and that there's nothing to be concerned about. Just pop several ibuprofen and I'll be fine in a few days, he said.

As my co-worker said when I called to say I'd be late because of the accident, "You're not having a very good month!" <sigh> No, I'm not. But at least I'm okay, and things are looking bright on the horizon. Just gotta weather the storm.
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