Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

"Injured Bitch" strikes again!

Living up to my nickname, I managed to get hurt at practice yesterday without really practicing!

My car accident on Monday morning aggravated my ankle injury, so I wasn't able to practice this week. I went to practice anyway last night because we were going to be working on some technique and strategy things as well as conditioning. I simply told the coach I couldn't run. So, while the team ran, I did a bunch of situps and side crunches. When the team stretched, I stretched. And when the team did drills that required running, I stood off to the side and watched or talked about rugby fundamentals with the rookie who had to drop out of drills because he needed a break.

Then we did some hitting drills, and I figured I could hold the hitting pad, since that didn't require my ankle to take a pounding. I realized I didn't have a mouthguard with me, but again that shouldn't be an issue, since guys were hitting the pad I was holding somewhere between stomach and chest level. I said a small prayer (just in case) just as the drill was starting, "Lord, please keep my ankle and teeth safe." I should have asked for whole-body coverage! The fourth or fifth guy who hit my pad caught it at just the right angle, and I heard a crunching sound and felt a searing pain in my left shoulder. I tried to gut it out, but after two more hits, even switching arms, I couldn't take it. I felt like such a loser! After several minutes, though, during which I stretched and rested the joint, I felt better. I resumed holding the hitting pad for the next drill without problems and then was able to walk through the portion of practice where we explained scrumming and lineouts to the new players.

I thought that would be it — just need a weekend of rest and I'll be good to go for Tuesday. While that probably is true, it may not be such a pleasant weekend. I was awakened in the wee hours this morning by insufferable pain from my shoulder. I immediately popped 800mg of ibuprofen, which only made the pain tolerable enough that I could eventually go back to sleep. I hope pain-killers/anti-inflammatories and some ice is all I need to be better for Tuesday, but my shoulder continues to be stiff and in pain. Not fun!
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