Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Highlights of yesterday's Scrabble game:

  1. I played lox.
    Opponent: You can't play acronyms.
    Me: Huh? I played lox.
    Opp: What's lox?
    Me: You know, like "bagels and lox."
    K: It's smoked salmon.
    Opp: Really? Oh. I thought it was liquid oxygen, obviously.

  2. Watching the Asian woman play gooks! She said her other choice had been to play goy, but I, the lox boy, had taken that away from her.

I'm surprised the other three players didn't kill me when I complained about someone taking away my 36-point play, when I was averaging over 20 points a turn and didn't have a turn lower than 14. They had every right to kill me at that point, especially since I played a 24-point word right after complaining.

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