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At the Wedding Reception, I

As dinner was being served, the DJ announced that four of Tommy's friends had prepared a song for Diana and him. As we got up from our table, he introduced us each by name. We gathered in front of the reception, and JC said a few introductory words. According to one audience member I talked to later, a lot of people seemed to think this was some sort of gag. Even after JC pulled out his pitch pipe (maybe even especially when JC pulled out his pitch pipe), many thought this was an elaborate hoax. Certainly, the ambiguous and slightly dissonant (the progression used sevenths) brief introduction did nothing to dispel the idea that this was a joke. You could feel the air silently throbbing with quiet anticipation and apprehension.

But the moment I started singing "Imagine me and you, I do…" — when that familiar melody sprung out of the amorphous chord we'd left hanging in the air — the crowd, which had been hanging on our every breath waiting for the punchline, came alive with recognition and a very palpable sense of enjoyment. It was quite a feeling as the audience's sudden positive energy washed over us and enlivened our performance.

Afterwards, we got a few shouts for an encore and a standing ovation from the bride, groom, and best man, as well as a few others. So we sang "Siyahamba," which has some beautiful harmonies and a joyous sound. Afterwards, the bartender told me he used to sing doo-wop and confided that our performance was particularly meaningful to him; he praised our tight harmony and blend and kept sending drinks unbidden to our table. Several others throughout the evening, most notably the groom's mother, complimented us. We were quite pleased with the reception our singing received.

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