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At the Wedding Reception, II

In the middle of the reception, I got the strongest sense of déjà vu in my entire life. Except it wasn't really déjà vu in the usual sense, where you briefly see an image or scene and feel like you've seen it before. I'm familiar with the idea that the brain can reorder the sequence of events to alter one's sense of temporal perception and so forth. But this was different.

I started to walk across the dance floor in the direction of the bathroom. About two-thirds of the way across, I glanced at Tommy's table and suddenly my world was transformed. Everything went quiet, as if my ears were plugged, and I could hear my heart beat and and the breath rushing into and out of my lungs; my perception of time slowed to a crawl as I recognized every little detail. I looked towards Tommy. He raised his head, looked in my direction, made eye contact with me, and flashed the biggest smile. I recognized the layout of the chairs at his table, the detail in the table cloth, the windows in the wall. As my feet carried me onwards — I felt like I was on a moving walkway rather than walking, my conscious mind completely disconnected from my body — I looked out the window and saw the picnickers on the side of the grassy hill below. I turned and saw the little hallway that led to the bathroom and continued in that direction. And then I snapped out of this mini-trance and everything was back to normal as I ran into K and quickly explained what I had just witnessed.

Here's where it differs from your usual déjà vu experience. I remember a day or two before elgatocurioso and keyasau3's wedding, I dreamt this very sequence, every little detail exacly as I had just seen it. More importantly, I distinctly remember telling keyasau3 about this dream. "Oh, you were just dreaming about my wedding." "No, I don't think so, because Tommy was there, and that place looked nothing like the Antrim." (The Antrim is where elgatocurioso and keyasau3 were married, and Tommy, of course, was not at their wedding.) I hadn't given that dream a second thought since then, but I can corroborate that I dreamt it and told someone about it at the time. This wasn't your typical déjà vu experience. Weird.

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