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Sep. 15th, 2005

I shocked my workmates by showing up at the office at 9 this morning, an hour before I'm supposed to be there and an hour-and-a-half before I usually drag my ass in. But I was out the door as quickly as I came in, off to an ENT appointment.

I sat in the ENT office.

And I sat.

At 9:50 I called my office to let them know I wouldn't be in by 10.

I sat some more.

I was finally seen. One person tested the pressure on my ear drum. That took about 2 minutes. Then the doctor saw me. That took less than a minute. I dragged my ass into my office at 10:30, the usual time, instead of being early or on time as hoped.

This isn't the first time I've waited an interminable length of time to be seen in a minute or less by this particular clinic. You would think, given the amount of time they seem to spend with patients, that they might manage to turn patients around a little more quickly and not screw with my time like that. None of the other clinics I've been to here at BMC seem to have this problem.

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